Faraj is fill with a large cast of characters. Each of these characters have a role to play in the overall story of Faraj.


The story currently follow these characters. All of them are player characters.

Rogar Arcavers of the Cutglass Clan, a dwarf pyromancer who’s clan was wipe out years ago. He was train by the powerful wizard Hemlock.

Marra Tunner, a halfling who was a member of the Night Cloaks. She was capture after committing a crime against the Vizier of Maraan.

Verena Sinclair, a human noble was has lost her vision due to natural illness. A mysterious force guides her by using the wind and she has taken up to become the bodyguard of princess Adelina

Supporting Cast

Basil Winzor, the proud ruler of the port city Bandar. He is an emotional man who is know to truly care for his people but has poor political skills.

Adelina Winzor, lord Basil’s daughter. She is just as emotional has her father and is well known for disobeying her father.

Drake Lambest, the Great Knight of Bandar. He holds his position with pride and is very famous for his heroic deed.

Hemlock Arcavers


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